According to Cackling Kamala….

Trees are racist….yep she has asked NASA to plot racist trees .. dear God how much more stupid can this woman get!!! Tree Lives Matter….or she could add it to CRT…Critical Race Trees at school board meetings.

You now have a Director of the Land Agency who is an eco terrorist who put spikes in trees, they still don’t know which ones….until it is felled and machined…then the spike could either hit a worker killing or maiming them, or break the machinery putting the business and jobs at risk…What planet are these people on???

According to the Transport Secretary roads are racist too….but don’t worry fuel will go up that much you won’t be able to travel on those racist roads….

You have a feckless, farting, decrepit disturbing child sniffer in the big seat, an amazingly stupid woman who can’t see the racists for the trees as Deputy, a Press Secretary who lies her way through every briefing, and a Medical Secretary of State who helped invent Covid and pays for the torture of animals.

There is a Secretary of State who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow, and cost the lives of 13 brave servicemen and women, and who left thousands of American citizens and greencard holders behind, whilst GIVING $85 BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF EQUIPMENT TO THE TERRORISTS. You couldn’t make this stupidity up could you!!

You have Generals and heads of the Navy happy to name a ship after a gay man of 34 who groomed a 16 year old depressed young man into a sexual relationship, and a military who is so woke…they can’t fight anymore. Xi Jingping must be howling with laughter at the patheticness that is the current Administration.

What a pity the bravery at the bottom is not matched by the cowards, morons and bottom feeders at the top.

Your Mexican border is besieged and you are going to make millionaires of illegal immigrants who break the law, whilst you suffer from raising prices and less money in your pocket.

To top this off this Administration is telling you how to bring up your children, or be accused of terrorism. Yet the old fool in charge has an addled crack smoking, drug taking, prostitute loving son who had an affair with his niece, and sister in law.

Lets not forget 2 girls raped in the toilets at achool because of the new woke agenda, and when a dad complained to the school HE GOT ARRESTED.

The former murderer in Chief Obama stated it was all lies and made up by those who didn’t like CRT …despite the rapist being found guilty in COURT…… Guess he was a bit ratty that day as he hadn’t dropped any drones on weddings killing innocent men, women and children for a long time.

Biden did try to emulate him for one day…7 children and 3 innocent adults murdered by him……How much more depraved and insulting can these Democrats get!!…..

America if you don’t kick these crap (and we are not talking about poopy Joe soiling himself in front of the Pope, nor farting in front of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall), but this failed, woke experiment where they are making it more likely you will be unprepared for an invasion, then you are going to sink before it starts….and yes sadly the world is laughing at the state of your Government and especially your President.

Never in the field of an American Administration have so many stupid people been gathered under one roof.

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