Shame on LSE for not throwing out….

The thugs, terrorists and anti semites that are being educated within LSE who decided to attack the Israeli Ambassador, and who tried to prevent a speech being given by her. They are nothing but cowards…..and do not belong in any decent society, and they are the ugly reality of the Far left….and why were theirContinue reading “Shame on LSE for not throwing out….”

According to Cackling Kamala….

Trees are racist….yep she has asked NASA to plot racist trees .. dear God how much more stupid can this woman get!!! Tree Lives Matter….or she could add it to CRT…Critical Race Trees at school board meetings. You now have a Director of the Land Agency who is an eco terrorist who put spikes inContinue reading “According to Cackling Kamala….”

The beauty of nature…

Aliens? Vegetables? Nope, vegetable and animal bridge mushrooms. They’re the myxomycetes, and they can move and hunt for prey or look for the best environment for them. They are born from spores, like mushrooms. Myxomycetes move like huge amoebas, like pulsating masses: their movements seem to be dependent on microfibrils that remember the fibers ofContinue reading “The beauty of nature…”