Prince Harry can’t tell truth from fiction….

Prince Harry claims he warned Twitter CEO of US Capitol Hill riots BEFORE they happened

Harry is now claiming he warned the Twitter CEO that the 6th January riot was going to happen the day before.

This is so laughable when you think he is moaning yet again about misinformation, whilst feeding misinformation out again and again.

He and his wife have already said some whopping untruths in one documentary …and no doubt more. You know the one…they had no plans when she decided Royal life was not in her plan to become an A lister…yet you find out within weeks of marriage they were having talks about leaving. They just cannot stop being untruthful.

On behalf of the taxpayer can we have our £32 million back. Ridiculous when you knows it’s HER THIRD WEDDING.

He states his mother died of media misinformation yet does nothing whilst NETFLIX trash his mother’s memory. Guess that $120 million the Markles pocketed keeps them warm at night, and let’s not forget that ludicrous Oprah wingefest.

I have no time for either of the selfish spoilt brats but heres a little nugget, surely if he knew then it was his duty to inform authorities. Failure to do so led to deaths at the Capitol…….so what’s it to be Harry….you knew and said nothing and people died, or and more likely its a figment of your rather tiresome, over reaching weird imagination.

Either way they are making a mockery of a Royal title.. .take it back and see how long it is before she tires of him and appears on Oprah saying he’s unstable……

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