Words of advice to Americans.

Due to the lunacy of your current President, the Child Botherer in Chief and the clowns who run your Government , I suggest that you give back your citizenship and take yourself to the Border, and then break into America. Please see the current Government Photo below of those running your country.

From creepy masks to the closing circus, it's a hard time to be a clown
The Biden/Harris Administration Team.

If you do and they legally take your children for you illegally breaking into the country and where you will end up in jail for BREAKING THE LAW (remember if you are arrested for a DUI they will take your children at the scene)….then under the fart blowing moron in the Whitehouse you will receive $450,000 and if you are a family then you will receive $1 million and all courtesy of those people who are taxed and taxed again. You know the legal people in America…those who are suffering from increased food prices, increased price for filling their car and where the interest rate is going through the roof including mortgages, and rents…you know those type of people….the ones struggling.

Joe Biden's gaffe: A perfect source for new hilarious memes – Film Daily

It seems to the Child Botherer in Chief who lets face it….is weird the fact he sniffs everyone, he should signing an offenders register not signing the most ridiculous policy into law.

GOP of Rock County posts controversial meme to their Facebook page

His mad lunatic Administration have decided that those who break the law should be made immediately wealthier than those who are law abiding, pay their taxes and are citizens, and the first time the insane moron does that….the floodgates of everybody who wants something for nothing will turn up for the million dollar payout. After all why work for it when you have a decrepit fool who will give away what is not his money. Socialists always want to give away other peoples money until it runs out…then what?? There will be nothing left for the needs of law abiding citizens., but hey to the insane bunch they are buying votes to keep them in power. This is corruption front and centre. They are using your money to buy votes and you need to demand it stops now.

America you have succeeded in voting in the most insane old fool in the Whitehouse with help from some of the most pathological liars ever running your country, and if you want to screw over the American public and get rewarded then get yourself to the Border as an illegal immigrant. You won’t have to be vaccinated and you will be loaded. Nice little earner for lawbreakers…don’t you think.

The Biden/Harris Administration are:………………………..

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