When you are most blessed by the people who come into your life….

This is my friend Mohit. We met purely by chance on a train going to work. We got chatting as the poor soul who gets me as a seat mate always get talked too ….and Mohit and I both realised we worked at the same place.

Many lovely mornings and evenings we spent putting the world to right on our journey to and from work, and even now years later we are still friends and my life is made better with him and his family in it.

We are both from different countries as Mohit is from India, and we have cultural differences but that was easily overcome by a smile and a hello.

I guess what I am trying to say is don’t look at the differences but look at what you both share and take it from there, as friends who bring an enlightenment and enrichment into your life are truly the best….

To Mohit….thank you for becoming and staying my friend.

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