Tory Sleaze….

Seems the PM Boris Johnson didn’t like the fact that his mate Owen Patterson had been found guilty of sleaze, and promptly ordered his Tory MPs to vote to suspend the action of his 30 day suspension.

Of course other Tories including sadly the Warrington South MP Andy Carter voted with the Government (Keep up the Government bidding Andy…there will be a junior post for you yet as a reward), and in one foul swoop the Tories have done what they always do…..sleaze.

The sad thing is we are not surprised by their actions, and some of those voting to suspend were actually under investigation. It seems crazy to let the MPs abuse Parliament to get their mate off. It is there to do the will of the nation and not sleazy movements.

This Government have shown they are incapable of ruling, and Mr Patterson is unrepentant and no doubt still coining it in.

This will come back and bite them as they have lost 3 voters in this house alone, and to be honest the whole rotten lot need binning.

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