Well done ATS – A Great Service.


We all get that sinking feeling when it comes time for new tyres and Mr Points of Sue knows that well. 

The day came for us to take the car for 2 new front tyres, and he decided to use the services of ATS Euromaster, Grange Avenue, Latchford in Warrington for the first time.  

Mr Points of Sue also knew that the car needed the front wheel alignment checking.  The front two tyres were Avon Tyres which were very reasonably priced, and when the Mechanic showed Mr Points of Sue how the alignment was out, he gave the go ahead.

One hour we were told would be the waiting time (I sort of gave that oh not a chance look, we are here for the duration and waiting and waiting and waiting will be the order of the day as that is what we were used to with other large showrooms).  The reception room was very comfortable and bright and airy which helps as sometimes you walk into the gloomiest of waiting rooms but not in this case.   

He had already paid for the tyres online as ATS have a great website which allowed us to book the tyres and the time for fetching the car in and imagine my surprise when 52 minutes in they brought the car keys back.  It was all done.

There was the cost of the alignment to pay for but that was also reasonable and the whole service from start to finish was really very good.  Mr Points of Sue was emailed a copy of the report and also given a full explanation of what they had done to the car upon paying the outstanding amount.  The gentleman behind the counter referred to him as Sir, which is really refreshing these days as quite often it is just mate, but I am old school and that always the way we addressed people as Sir or Ma’am and how lovely to hear it again.  

The service he received was gold star and rather than try to get in with one of the major car companies who never seem to have a date available and where they take your car for the whole day to do a couple of tyres, he will be going back to ATS as we were extremely happy all round with the service.

It was professional, very courteous, the waiting room and the garage itself was spotless and we could see our car at all times, and they just completed the car on time, and I won’t through the oh god look now when he says the car needs to go in.

Well done ATS you have two more very happy customers who will be using your services again and again. 


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