Having political advice and solutions accepted.

Having spent years watching the situation in Afghanistan get worse like many of you, I thought surely something has to be done.

I got past the issue of thinking I am only me and people in piwer won’t listen, and decided that I have a voice and promptly set about writing point that I felt were priority.

The top of my lists was the issue of getting British people out as well as those who had worked for us.

There was the urgency of women’s rights and children, and how NGOs were needed to deal with the crisis coming, and where possible use the UN. It cannot be us or America policing that. There were suggestions of best way forward and it seems to have been accepted.

The need to open up diplomatic channels with the terrorists to make sure we can achieve 1 and 2. After all a British Government has done it before with the IRA, and the bigger picture is helping those who need it the most….women and children.

It was quite a lengthy letter and contained questions too as quite often politicians can’t see the woods for the trees if there is no political gain for them.

So me being me sent it to all 3 parties…the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats and imagine my surprise when only Labour replied.

They responded that my letter has been forwarded to their policy people and will be used, as it contained excellent points and questions will be asked in Parliament.

It is quite satisfying to realise that I could help shape a policy, especially one that needs action today. I actually thought that it would be the Conservative party who got back, but nope, and I have been asked to keep writing by Labour as it is real people not politicians who are creating the plan forward.

So, will be reviewing the budget more indepth, and I have so many questions that need answering especially regarding the broken triple lock promise, and how nothing was in the budget for the elderly.

This is exciting for me as it means someone is listening and being able to set out in a methodical way of what needs achieving, and then to have it accepted and passed to the policy makers, has given me that passion that was waining to make a difference.

It has proved to me that not being a member of any party has given me political freedom to make a difference, so watch this space.

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  1. I really don’t think labour care at all about Afghanistan. They just care about the woke agenda


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