Senator Cruz…drops the bomb…

How much more money will he make? Asks the Senator to the Adjutant General referring to his son in law.

America’s most senior legal person’s daughter and son in law is going to make MILLIONS from the teaching of Critical Race Theory against parents wishes. Infact the Adjutant General uses domestic terrorists threats against parents, thereby ensuring the money coming in.

It seems there is no honour left as that garbage belongs in the bin as it is nothing but a racial divide, but hey why should the Adjutant General and his family care if they promote hate….KERCHING, KERCHING, KERCHING…..what’s the problem with teaching people to hate when there is a multi million dollar pay check on its way for your family.

They are milking it while they can because they know when Donald is back, and the mid term triumph of the Republican party that garbage is going down the toilet, and this whole Administration and its woke wet wipe heads of departments are going to jail.

So much for standing down when there is a conflict of interest, and boy this is conflicted.

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