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7 thoughts on “Heroes…

        1. Hi Cherie, me too. I come from a long line of people who have served in the military and gone on to work with the police and prison officers, and I will always defend the police and the prison officers. You get 0.1% bad ones but the rest of them are the finest we have and they do a great job in a difficult time. Time to stand up for the boys and girls in blue and especially the K9s as without them society would be in serious trouble, as sadly they have found out in Democrat Areas in the United States. Defunding the police only has one winner….the bad guys. You ever want to do an opinion piece then please send it and I would be delighted to put it on whether it is the police, Donald Trump or whatever you feel the subject is. Kindest Regards always my friend. Sue.

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          1. Thank you so much, Sue. And yesss! I would love to do an opinion piece on one of the subjects you’ve mentioned and will definitely let you know when I have it ready for you. Thank you so much for this opportunity. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ’


          2. Awesome! I’ll definitely get started on it. It usually takes me a week or 2 because I handwrite my posts, then edit, then type and edit some more. Lol😊 But It’ll definitely be in the oven! 😁


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