Barack Obama should be ashamed of himself.

He called the rape of a child by an older child of 16 dressed in a skirt as nothing more than far right lies and outrage.

My god how disgusting is this former President?

The rapist was found guilty of TWO RAPES, after the school board where he committed the first rape in the girls toilets, and then said nothing and even denied it. The Louden County School Board actually had one of the victims father arrested for daring to tell the truth at a meeting.

Thankfully he is now suing the school board and I hope he gets millions and they are left bankrupt, he should sue Obama too….

The rapist was moved to another school where he promptly raped another younger girl and Obama defends the rapist. Thats a new low even for this former murderer in Chief lets not forget he liked to drop drones on children daily…murdering them in their hundreds.

So…are we really surprised that Barack Obama called it a false narrative, despite the rapist himself admitting it in Court and being found guilty by a judge.

There is a child botherer occupying the Whitehouse currently, and a rapist apologist guiding him. What a pair of sewer rats they are….

It seems to the former President that those parents who don’t believe in his and Bidens claptrap are lying when their children get raped and deserve no sympathy, infact he called them liars, but expressed outrage at what he called the right wing spin and agenda when defending the rapist……

By the way MSM said nothing….absolute disgrace.

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