If you are dodgy and want to pay to get to the President…..

Or a crooked businessman or business, and you need access to the President by dubious means, then you too can hire crooked Hunter Biden for thousands of dollars, or simply buy one of his crappy paintings…..

Seems MSM are desperate to ignore the crack smoking, prostitute loving bent first son because it’s not Orange man bad.

Can you imagine if the Trump children got up to all of this? No neither can I….but it seems that the addled feckless President has the Whitehouse looking after his crack loving son…This Administration has got to be the most corrupt Administration that America has seen….

America I love you but you got it so wrong voting this gruesome twosome in and you will pay the price, whilst those in power get a lot richer…you will get a lot poorer.

You deserve better….you really do.

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