Insulate Britain stops a cancer sufferer …

Insulate Britain activists return to the streets of London via

Getting to hospital in an ambulance for his cancer treatment. When are these cockroaches going to be removed from the roads, and forcibly if necessary.

They are nothing more than terrorists and I am surprised that they have not been physically assaulted, because if it was my father or mother in there…trust me they would be picking their bodies up off the kerb, and my parent will have arrived for their treatment.

People should not be held to ransom by these unwashed, brain dead morons and if it means they get hurt…so be it. Why should you have to worry about their safety, when they are not bothered about it themselves.

Companies need to hire a flying squad that can get to the spots these morons attend, and physically remove them from the roads. It will be worth the cost….get the upper hand and hire a security firm to disperse them, don’t give them a chance to get settled and let trucks, ambulances and vehicles through.

After all, the police don’t seem to be doing much of anything and the courts even less. Being prepared to counter act against these morons is the best thing a company can do.

Take back control and get rid of Insulate Britain cockroaches from our roads.

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