Surpassing my total every day…

Today as usual I start the day by cheering myself up and looking at my statistics. I am at 180% of viewers now than the whole of last year altogether. My blog site alone is nearing 41,000 visitors and my other platforms are soaring with hundreds a day. I realise that I put a fewContinue reading “Surpassing my total every day…”

The beauty of nature….

2,000-year-old seeds were discovered in 1963 inside an ancient jar in Israel. They were planted in 2005 and a tree that had been extinct for over 1800 years sprouted More info Methuselah (tree) sprouted back in 2005, when agriculture expert Solowey germinated his antique seed. It had been pulled from the remains of Masada, anContinue reading “The beauty of nature….”

A nations hero….

21st October 1805 – despite have a lesser amount of ships Admiral Nelson defeats the combined French and Spanish fleets at the Battle Of Trafalgar. The French & Spanish lose 22 ships, Britains fleet remains intact. Sadly Nelson was shot by a French Musketeer during battle and died the same day.