When a child is murdered by Parents and Step Parents….when will it stop??

Again and again there are stories of parents and step parents who have murdered children and it is a horror story when you read what these monsters do to the most innocent. My blood boils and to say I am disgusted is an understatement. Why in the 21st Century are people still able to do this deliberately and not lose their worthless lives in return? I bet I am not the only one who wants these people gone…permanently.

Another week and another child who has been robbed of their future because the very people who are meant to protect them end up murdering them, and I am fed up of again and again reading what they went through, infact not fed up….but angry. You cannot defend any of it and the fact they chose to do it deliberately means they do not belong in society ever as there can be no rehabilitation for them….

When is someone going to speak up for the child, as it seems time and time again they are failed whether by the social services, the legal system or both and children cannot fight back and if these departments are not fit for purposes, then scrap them and start again but lets start protecting the children, and making the law fit the crime.

A brain expert who examined Arthur (pictured with his father) after his death told how the boy died from an 'abusive inflicted injury'
Arthur Labinjo-Hughes (pictured with his father Thomas Hughes), six, was killed after suffering months of systematic abuse ‘designed to terrorise’ the youngster, prosecutors claim 
The Birmingham City fan died with 'unsurvivable brain injuries' on June 17, 2020, a day after being allegedly attacked by Tustin (pictured) at home near Solihull, West Midlands
The Birmingham City fan died with ‘unsurvivable brain injuries’ on June 17, 2020, a day after being allegedly attacked by Tustin (pictured) at home near Solihull, West Midlands

A medical expert explained in detail what these two monsters did to this child and if you are unaware of the case, the two adults above systematically tortured and terrorized Arthur Labinjo-Hughes for months. Making him stand to attention for hours on end, making him sleep on a cold floor in the living room, and feeding him salt…and when not feeding him salt, they were using him as a punch bag and starving him. The little boy died of a neglect, abuse and had a brain injury that was likened to having had a car crash. The only time little Arthur got a loving embrace was from strangers, they were from the Paramedics and the Medical Team who tried so hard to save him, and who lets not forget must be so affected by this. They are only human after all and it must break their hearts to see a child who has been abused like this.

Whilst a 6 year old child was dying the monster above…the step mother decided to eat a McDonalds and wait and wait to ring the emergency services. What sort of monster does this? She should be given no hope of entering society again., neither of them should after all, we cannot afford to lose any child to their sick and twisted outlook on life.

The father and step mother sent dreadful messages calling his son the C word, and wanted to bury him 6 feet under. The child was observed by their friend who is a hairdresser, and you have to ask yourself why the hell did she not ring the police? Surely a decent human being seeing a child being neglected and abused, and wincing at the touch of an adult would know something was wrong, and not to mention she said he did not have enough energy to even hold a cup of water. He was ordered to stand in the hall way why his step mother was getting her hair done, and the hairdresser did not think this was wrong?

The father and step mother were calling him a c**t and b*****d in front of this woman, and threatening to bury him in the garden, and not only that but going ballistic when he did not address his father as sir (I hope there is a big burly prisoner who picked that one up during the news and has that already in hand for when the father gets in prison), and the hairdresser did not ring the police. She admitted that the child was dirty, bruised, pale and frightened……. I know this may sound harsh but I hope she is ashamed of her lack of doing anything. She had the chance to save this child and did nothing. I got on the phone because I didn’t like the way a stray cat was looking….and trust me if I saw a child looking so mistreated…the police would be called and I would sooner be wrong than regretful.

However, lets not get away from the fact that the monsters who are referred to as his father and step mother deliberately murdered this beautiful little boy, and all because SHE didn’t want him. What a weak, pathetic, wet wipe of a father he had. What a useless piece of rubbish….the fact that he would put his his piece of stuff, this ugly ugly woman above that of his son is the reason why he should never be allowed to use the word father. He is not a father…he is a child abuser.. he likes she is a child murderer.

The step mother is a monster because she could have walked away and she chose not too. She deliberately chose to stay and torture a 6 year old child. Wow, what a big woman eh! How strong….to terrorise, beat up and murder a 6 year old. She needs a sharp lesson preferably one that hurts daily…but that is for my final comment.

I am however absolutely convinced that the courts and the bleeding hearts brigade will do next to nothing for this child murdering duo. They will probably get life which is these days is between 15 to 25 years, and the woman less. If you look at the longer sentence the little boy they chose to murder would only have been 31…life should mean for his life…the years taken away from him.

It is time that child abusers, paedophiles and child murderers were given 3 clear Sundays and dropped from a rope as if you can harm deliberately a child, someone who needs society to protect them, then you do not deserve to be on this planet and I am fed up of mine, my husband’s and everyone else’s taxes being used to pay for these monsters. Why should decent society have to put up with them? They have forfeited their right to live by doing what they do., and the fact that they pick on those who cannot fight back shows how devious and deviant they are.

Sadly, we cannot rely on the justice system to deal with them and as I have said, the bleeding hearts brigade will be lining up to help these people with rights to appeal, and then when out getting them a home and hiding them in society…yet the innocent child they murdered is still 6 feet under……dead at their hands. They should have no place to hide.

The man who fathered him and subsequently murdered him should now have to run the gauntlet of prisoners who are physically sick at what he has done, and who will have him in fear for the years he is in there, and that includes her as well, and I am of no doubt that their food will not be edible just as young Arthur’s wasn’t but where he was made to eat it. So there is a job for the cook house…make them eat it. Standing for hours in the cold not even allowed to go to the toilet….give them every abuse they gave a 6 year old child, and more and if they don’t survive it…well they don’t survive, but they have to remember that BUT FOR THEIR ACTIONS OF MURDERING A CHILD……they would not be in there. THEY ARE THE REASON THEY ARE JAILED….IT’S THEIR FAULT…NO ONE ELSES.

If people are shocked at what I have written then good…..child murderers and abusers should not be allowed to have any rights, they murdered a child. Let that sink in….they murdered a child. A sweet innocent child who at the age of 6 cannot look after himself, and who should have been nurtured, loved and encouraged in his home…not battered, abused and murdered.

We as a society must protect our elderly, our disabled and our young because if we don’t, then monsters like this thrive and they are monsters and society should not have to put up with them anymore.

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