What sort of human cockroach……

Actually videotapes a rape for 30 minutes rather than intervening and helping the victim?

All those who videotaped it should get the same sentence as the rapist, as they no doubt put it on social media for her to be raped over and over again….it is sickening, they are sickening and disgusting.

You have to be a total cockroach of a human to do that…..and there needs to be a jail cell waiting for them for a very long time.

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2 thoughts on “What sort of human cockroach……

  1. Sue, People nowadays are so used to playng with their phones that actual face to face contact,much less actual converaston head-on lessens our sensitivity chip and empathy. We have become like robots,motorized automatically.IMO, those bystanders should be picked up by the securty cameras and shown off in publc . If this happened to their loved ones, I am pretty sure that they will feel the wrenching emotion bg-time.


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