The police it seems knew…

That the murderer of Sir David Amess was a terrorist threat, and that he had been reported for it and was deemed a threat. Seems nothing was done…

How the hell was this individual still walking round, and why was Sir David’s staff not informed by the police sending them a list and photos.? All MPs staff should be sent these warnings and have police officers there now, or better still have the surgeries in a police station as only then will our democracy not be at a high risk….

It makes you wonder just how many terrorists are wondering the streets, and why was he allowed to walk the streets

We need our own Gitmo for those who are terrorist threats, as rights should not apply to them. The aim of terrorism is to terrorise the community and by doing that, they should lose their rights to freedom.

We have had decades of terrorists attacks on this country, and the only thing a Government could do is give the bad guys a get out of jail free card it really is disgraceful, and enough is enough.

Any threat to this country should be treated at the highest level, and if that means getting them out of the way…then so be it. Why should someone go to work helping people, and then be murdered in the most brutal of ways.

The Governments first priority is its citizens and we have no idea now who is walking amongst us, and with the specific aim to harm us. We should not have to run the gauntlet for the sake of some bleeding hearts PC Brigade who get their knickers in a twist, and whose outlook on life is as twisted as they are.

If your aim is to harm the people of this country, then you should be locked up for good and the Government should get tough and be the party of security, law and order.

Sadly it seems Sir David was murdered by a rabid individual that should have been on a watch list, and who should never have been allowed freedoms, and where in these very fractured times, the rights of its citizens should be put above that of everything else or how many more Sir David’s will there be?

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