Is it a terrorist murder?

The police and special terrorist officers are looking into the murder of Sir David Amess, and the fact that the suspect is a British person of Somali Descent. Whether it is to do with his religion or not is something for the police to deal with, and not for me to comment on as it will yet again set off the hateful mob, and I am a firm believer in the rights of individuals to pray without fear nor worry and will always defend that right.

Any MP attacked and murdered should always be regarded as the work of terrorists as it is a direct attack on democracy. MPs should now be given security when holding their surgeries, as so many of them do not want to continue online as it separates them from their constituents, and they did not go into politics to spend their life in front of a computer.

By all accounts Sir David was that rare individual, an MP who cared directly for the people and who did not want to climb the greasy pole of politics, but rather serve the people who elected him.

There must be no stone left unturned as this is a direct attack on our democracy, and no doubt some deranged individual will try it again…in the name of something or other, and we cannot let MPs lose their lives in such a way. I can remember Ian Gow and Airey Neeve being murdered so many years ago, and nothing changed from that.

For me the saddest part of writing about Sir David Amess was how individuals were quick to defend the murderer, yet say nothing for the innocent man murdered.

This is why this country is in a mess as in all the crass messages not one contained any sympathy for a great parliamentarian. The individuals did not miss the chance to show their leftist credentials and give these insane people the chance they will no doubt spin it round. It did not sit well with me and I decided to block their armchair warrior words.

These were the usual vile messages but the fact they did not have one word to say in sympathy and nothing that was decent enough to post, and that’s why they all got deleted and to be honest those are the type of people I DO NOT WANT reading this blog as their readership is not required.

Let the full weight of the law deal with this individual and get him off the streets for good, and I hope that one day some people look in the mirror realise their world is skewered, and for once instead of jumping to their imaginary faux outrage they might actually feel what normal decent people feel….sadness and sympathy for the victim, his wife Lady Amess and his 5 children as their world collapsed yesterday, and our democracy was attacked.

Sir David Amess…..

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