The usual mob coming out to insult….

Ladies and Gents I have taken off commenting as it has become tedious with the left wing nut jobs constantly being offended, and it is taking so much time that it becomes boring as the insults are all the same, and always end up with the Jewish comment coming out. Even when the article was about anything but…9 comments I received and 6 of them were written in such a way to offend.

Do they really have nothing else to do except bore me stupid reading their comments???

I must delete 9 out of 10 comments everytime as they can be totally offensive, but I doubt those involved really care. They just have to get their keyboard warrior words out…..

As per usual anti semetism rears it’s ugly head, but then I guess they have very little else to say. Amazing how they are only ever comment on the posts they are offended by, but offer little else at any other time. Not one of them commented on anything else, and of course they double up on fake email addresses.

I actually had one who stated they spoke for the whole of their town. Amazing how socialists decide its their voice that must only be allowed whilst coming out with their usual naff arguments, and of course their comments are the only ones that matter….

It seems they read very little before labelling me the usual racist, xenophobe and all the other blah blah names they can think of…without bothering to read the rest of the article where I stated that I welcome people who are here legally, and infact dedicate time to actually bringing up the plight of others

Again in their rush to be offended….they don’t bother to recognise that you can have a comment that is different from theirs. How sad that they are only running in the slow lane.

When I write my comments these type of people have never defended Jewish people and the hate they go through every day, never defended Uighurs, never defended the Yazidis and never defended the Rohingyas. Instead they choose to be offended by one comment that will be removed, but mark my words when the truth comes out and I comment….the leftist morons will blow up again.

Funny how not one of them commented on Angela Rayners insults about Tories, but I guess in this silly cancel culture its alright when they do it.. but nobody else is allowed to air their thoughts.

It’s in their nature and I don’t even feel sorry for them …as their warped sense of right and wrong is bordering on tedious and monotonous, and these people don’t see it because of their closed eyes and lack of ability to see someone has a different opinion.

I have had some really fantastic comments and thank you, but I am taking up too much time deleting woke pathetic comments and with so much to do….its time to give the keyboard warriors a rest….as when it becomes boringly tedious its time to cut out their words.

By the way….not one of them commented on the death of Sir David Amess…..but then it would never have crossed their minds to do this….

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