The Extinction Rebellion Terrorists…

First of all they need to get a job….

Secondly if my mother was in that ambulance they would be told once to get out of the way, as that vehicle would get through….round them or over them…I don’t care.

They put their own unwashed stupid lives at risk so why should we care if they get hurt? If it came to the toss up of knocking them out of the way to save my mother….no contest…my mother would be at that hospital.

Thirdly….being the cowards they are, they wouldn’t dare demonstrate in the country who are the worst defenders….China.

They are cowards and terrorists and it was good to see the public taking the law into their own hands, and removing the scum off the road. What a pity that some of the police are too wet to actually do the job they are paid for. There are one or two police officers thank god who upheld the law and did their job, and well done the paramedic in the video for putting your patient first.

All those removing these roaches off the road deserve a medal.

Hope those good citizens sanitized their hands afterwards, as God knows what the unwashed morons were carrying.

They are nothing more than bored out of work sanctimonious a***holes…and the public have had enough.

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