Seems Sleepy Joe and Cackling Kamala…

Have gone into full blown dictatorship mode.

If you are a parent in America who disagrees with their awful CRT Critical Race Theory being taught in schools, and that includes Black and Asian Parents who see it as segregating students based on their skin colour, then expect your door to be kicked in.

According to the inept duo….you are a domestic terrorist and the FBI will be coming for you.

Seems Biden and Harris can’t deal with real terrorists in Afghanistan, so decided to make up a whole bunch of them in America….and your crime….wanting your children to be taught things like maths, English etc…and not about their invisible white privilege which is ridiculous, and corrupts young minds. This is nothing more than child abuse.

Well done America for voting in this gruesome twosome….you have trashed your own country.

The Kiddie Sniffer in Chief just cannot leave parents rights over their children alone…but then he does like it when children stroke his hairy legs….FGS..he should be signing on everyday at the police station and wearing a tag.

He should be let nowhere near the White House.

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