Very surprised that any American would vote for Cortez, the anti semite

Who by the way also hates America and is just using your tax dollars to fund her lifestyle, and is happy to lie and spin to keep that lifestyle, as making sure her pockets are full is all she cares about.

If you think Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) cares about America, then you also believe Biden did a good job evacuating Afghanistan, and you need a psychiatrist on speed dial.

Cortez attending a $25,000 dollar a ticket ball wearing a dress from a dress maker who didn’t pay her taxes, nor her staff…… couldn’t make this up….the arrogance of this woman to flaunt what you have to pay for….. and what’s worse people are stupid enough to fall for it!!!!

If you think AOC is the best person to vote for….you need help and quickly.

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