The Biden/Harris Administration have ruined Texas.

They have put American women and children at risk of paedophiles, murderers, rapists and human traffickers now entering the United Ststes of America, and it is getting worse and this is due to the influx of 2 million illegal unsecured immigrants allowed entry since the end of January….and rising.

The border has collapsed although Biden, Harris and Psaki will continue to lie to the public to hide their incompetence and criminal behaviour by using words of spin, and refusing to say they have lost control. Instead they are now doing the traffickers job for them by way of midnight flights around the country and all containing illegal immigrants.

The Administration are dispersing unvaccinated people throughout the States, while trying to dictate to Americans to get vaccinated….. It is disgraceful….

To think the lefty untruthful mainstream media called out and lied about President Trump doing a great job, yet they cover up and stay silent on this criminal Administration. President Trump was right… the MSM and media platforms are fake news and dishonest.

Texans are having their properties ruined, their crops and livelihoold ruined and their families scared to go out even during the day. It really is unfair on them.

Well done Sleepy Joe and Cackling Kamala, you are doing the very thing that the terrorists couldn’t do…..wreaking havoc on a large population of Americans…..

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