The Biden/Harris Administration have ruined Texas.

They have put American women and children at risk of paedophiles, murderers, rapists and human traffickers now entering the United Ststes of America, and it is getting worse and this is due to the influx of 2 million illegal unsecured immigrants allowed entry since the end of January….and rising. The border has collapsed although Biden,Continue reading “The Biden/Harris Administration have ruined Texas.”

Very surprised that any American would vote for Cortez, the anti semite

Who by the way also hates America and is just using your tax dollars to fund her lifestyle, and is happy to lie and spin to keep that lifestyle, as making sure her pockets are full is all she cares about. If you think Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) cares about America, then you also believeContinue reading “Very surprised that any American would vote for Cortez, the anti semite”

Starmer can run but he can’t hide that he is part of the problem….

The Jewish Chronicle Starmer spoke at meeting which called for ‘Israeli racism’ to be punished The then Labour candidate addressed a 2015 Camden Palestine Solidarity Campaign event. Labour say he has never supported a boycott of Israel On the eve of the Labour conference vote on a new complaints process for cases of antisemitism, detailsContinue reading “Starmer can run but he can’t hide that he is part of the problem….”

A cult that still exists today….

In 1968 Mao Zedong the ruthless dictator of China received some mangoes as a gift from the foreign minister of Pakistan. Not being a fan of fruit, Mao gifted forty of them to worker revolutionaries as a reward for their loyalty. This began the “Cult of the Mango”. Virtually no one in Northern China hadContinue reading “A cult that still exists today….”

Tree trimming to the extreme…

History Fact 9 June 2017 On 18 August 1976 two US soldiers were murdered by North Korean soldiers while trimming a tree in the Demilitarized Zone separating North and South Korea. The US responded with operation “Paul Bunyan” – possibly the largest operation to fell a single tree in History. 24 UNC vehicles took 800Continue reading “Tree trimming to the extreme…”

Making a monkey out of elections…

In 1988, Rio de Janiero held elections for mayor. Coming in third place with 400,000 votes was a 25 year old named Tião. This was a surprise for many pollsters as Tião was widely known to be in a perpetually bad mood. He even once threw mud and feces at rival political candidate, Marcello Allencar.Continue reading “Making a monkey out of elections…”

A whistle-blower is appearing before Congress.

To explain the part Social Media took in the riot on the 6th January 2021 at Capitol Hill, and it won’t come out well for Facebook., Twitter or the other media platforms…. We all know MSM and Social Media have a narrative against Orange Man Bad, and they want to control our lives by theirContinue reading “A whistle-blower is appearing before Congress.”