Glad to see one MP has honour….

Johnny Mercer commenting on the show trail of a Veteran, Dennis Hutchings accused of murder in Northern Ireland.

A lovely day in Belfast, marred by the grotesque unfairness in this process that benefits no-one except the legal profession – who are making a lot of money out of families and veterans, all aided and abetted by pathetically weak politicians.

Shameful stuff I’m afraid.

The Prime Minister, the Defence Minister and all of this Government are liars. They do not care about the Military nor the Veterans and will sacrifice the loyal servants of this country to save their skin.

They and the rest of the MPs are the worst of this country I mean look at Labour if they are not promoting through them Corbyn, defending them like Starmer or even more traitorous giving murdering terrorists a free pass under Blair…… whilst doing nothing for our Veterans. They are all loathsome.

This is nothing more than appeasing terrorists and it is disgusting, shameful and cowardly. I never thought that a Conservative British Government would hand over its former Soldiers for nothing more than a kangaroo show trial.

The only acceptable verdict is not guilty otherwise put the real murderers on trial….the Government Ministers who send our loyal men and women to do their dirty work.

Johnny Mercer is right the Politicians of today in the Government, and the opposition are vipers and liars.

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