Could Councillor Bowden from Warrington Council actually answer these…

Or will he do his usual and bury his head in the sand?

Written below are points from a concerned resident who states the absolute ineptitude of this Council. Their secret meetings to loans Billionaires money, investing above the cost of actual buildings and where we are in debt of £1.6 billion and rising.

Still I guess so long as some Council members get Directorships they see it as money well spent for them. Honestly the biggest bunch of clowns ever.. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

By the way as listed below….How the hell can the Council and its leaders NOT KNOW the cost of the new council buildings they authorised?

Some of the Council on a way to a meeting…

Morning all .. as the brown stuff hits the rotating object over the news of the Hut group share price collapse .. it may be worth reflecting on the role of the much maligned “keyboard warriors”.
Broomhead & Bowden … pillars of the community have now been outed via FOI requests made by the “warriors” as being both secretive and conniving in the way that they treat and progress key information (redwood and auditors reports) .

The accounts remain “Open”since 2017 and the auditors are soon to issue a “special notice” registering their concern over financial treatments of debt provisioning – and a police pension black hole … again the result of “warriors”doing the job councillors or officers refuse to do .

Which of us knew about the 203m HUT loan … who knew of the 20m “above market price offer “ for that shed in Salford … what brought about the knowledge of bowden investing in a holding company and not a bank ? Was it openness and honesty from the council or was it the unpaid efforts of the “keyboard warriors” ?

It’s not surprising that Bowden – Broomhead and more recently Bob Barr have all attacked this group … maybe it’s because the very same group is the one holding their feet to the fire ?

Let’s crank it up a notch and start looking deeper and further and shine more light onto their dirty little secrets they won’t even share internally such is their shameful behavior .

Let’s use our skills and the Nolan principles to get this town better informed – our information then becomes public knowledge .. which becomes leverage – they truly do not like that !

Onward and upward warriors !

Here’s the list they won’t talk about .. preferring a spokesperson to chat ..

Redwood … no returns
Together energy … no returns
Time sq …. Letting disaster
Golden sq …. Dead on its feet (they don’t own it )
Cost of new council offices … claiming they don’t know
Hut group … what are the securities
Hatters row … 125 year lease no break clause
Accounts … still not signed off
Betfred loan …. All gone quiet
Peel hall … still in the local plan

All of the above have been “hidden” by this exec … I wonder why ? Let’s do the job that others won’t .. it’s OUR town .. keep fighting for openness – honesty and accountability . As Corporal Jones reminded us ..”they don’t like it up “em”

So let’s play hard but let’s play fair – let’s make this a fact based conversation ..

Well done “the warriors” .

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