Ending the Harry Frontline Rumours….

Trevor Coult MC is putting paid to everything we suspected about Harry the manipulator.

By the way….on a quick note the Voiceover work he touted with Disney for his wife instead of going to the Royal Marines Memorial (seems being Captain General meant nothing), well she was paid £3 million pounds for it on the understanding it went to Elephants Without Borders.

Todate, they have not received a penny. That money was paid into the Sussex Foundation that got closed down owing nearly £85 thousand pounds. So sadly they can kiss that money goodbye.

Note to companies crazy enough to work with the grifting duo….pay the Charity directly at least they will get it. As currently they only have to give 5%….they get to keep the other 95% for their expensive lifestyles. Not really Charity now is it!! If they get a million pounds for Charity through their website…they get to keep £950,000 of it. Charity work for some is so profitable.

Guess Charity starts and stops in their house. Still give this video a view, and learn what we have always known…it is an eye opener.

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