An honour to have been asked….

I was delighted to attend the Warrington and Halton Hospital on Tuesday, and meet the most delightful ladies who work for the Charity within the hospital. This is not a Charity that is run by the hospital but one that runs alongside it and whose sole aim is to help others. The Charity makes lifeContinue reading “An honour to have been asked….”

The Biden/Harris Administration are helping out new terrorist friends…

Seems the Dippy Duo feel that they have not done enough damage. They have not only graciously given their new friends the Taliban lots of lovely new killing machines to terrorise the people with, bought and paid for by the American public, but now they are helping Iran spread media that is Anti Israeli …Continue reading “The Biden/Harris Administration are helping out new terrorist friends…”

Why housing migrant illegal refugees in your hotel…..

Will eventually ruin your business, and amazing how can they get into a fight at a hotel, but never manage to fight for their homeland. These unwanted guests even started destroying furniture at one hotel. Absolute cowards…..they should have stayed and fought and those refugees we do want, the ones we owe a duty ofContinue reading “Why housing migrant illegal refugees in your hotel…..”