Don’t let your vileness hit you on the way out David Miller….

Delighted to hear that rabid anti semite Professor David Miller has been fired by Bristol University.

He has said the foulest of things with regards to the Jewish religion, and there should be no room for the likes of him anywhere, and certainly not in a place where young people are taught, and where his hate peddling garbage has affected students and especially their mental health.

This is akin to abusing his position and every score marked by him needs to be reviewed as his warped view on life could have affected a Jewish students results.

His abuse of his position to peddle his rancid hate tells me all I need to know about him as an individual. He should have been fired a long time ago…

He preaches nothing but hate and I am so thrilled he has been given the boot.

Well done Bristol University and the Union of Jewish Students for standing up against his vileness.

Goodbye and good riddance, and to my Jewish family and friends…a victory of good common sense.


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