Seems to get to Joe, you pay Hunter $2 million retainer…at minimum

Can you imagine if the Trump children had committed this type of fraud? It seems the American President can be bought…so long as you pay his crack smoking, crooked son a lot of money. This Biden/Harris Administration is crooked full stop.

Harris supports an investigation….

Into the scenes of Texas Border Agents on horseback against immigrants. She will support an investigation….wait what!!! Isn’t she the MIA Border Czar? Having been to the Border ONCE 750 miles away from the real problem. Cackling Kamala and Swampy Joe did this, this is their fault and good people are trying to sort outContinue reading “Harris supports an investigation….”

Absolutely disgusted at the treatment of this young man.

A young man who gained employment with Sony based at Currys PC World was subjected to most vilest of abuse. Terrelle Graham, 26, from Bradley Stoke, Gloucestershire, claimed he was subjected to racist abuse from staff while he was working for Sony at Currys PC World in Bristol. He was asked had he put hisContinue reading “Absolutely disgusted at the treatment of this young man.”

Seems it is ok when Joe does it!!

It seems that well known Liberal, the man who the bleeding hearts have deemed the saviour of America after Orange Man Bad has now decided to open up Guantanamo Bay even further for the Haitian refugees. Yep the terrorist camp is going to be opened up forther for the surge in refugees in Texas. SeemsContinue reading “Seems it is ok when Joe does it!!”