Never forget…

Babi Yar remembered.

These 3 girls were executed by the Nazis 80 years ago today in what was the largest massacre of the Second World War, yet one event that was almost forgotten about until the fall of the Soviets.

They were just 3 of 33,800 Jewish people who were ordered to gather at at Babi Yar Park outside Kiev. Kiev had only been occupied for 10 days so they didn’t suspect any harm would come to them.

Over the next 48 hours they were forced in groups too undress and walk to the edge of a large Quarry.. They were then machine gunned in too it by Ukrainian and German troops under the command of SS officer Paul Blobel.  Only 29 survived by hiding amongst the dead.

Blobel was hanged in Germany in 1951 for the murder of around 150,000 people, however it should of been a few million as it was Blobel who later thought of using gas as he noticed shooting people was having a detrimental effect on his troops!

May all the victims of Babi Yar rest in peace.

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