It seems Starmer is not appealing to anyone, and the foul mouthed one is no better….

Not even his own MPs.

There are some in his party who think he should give up the Leadership to the Potty Mouth in Chief…Rayner and I agree, as then Labour will never get in, infact with her as leader they will be better suited as hooligans at a football match, and she is certainly not No 10 material.

Whilst the grim reaper spectre of anti semitic, terrorist supporting Corbyn and his cronies still have a say…then we can happily dismiss the Labour Party, as decent people detest everything they stand for.

Under Starmer the Labour party are too weak and, they won’t get any better under Rayner…

I can see it now….PMQs in the mother of all democracies and she stands up with a fag in her mouth calling everyone scum.

Quite frankly she really is not the best person to showcase Britain.

Can you imagine her getting worked up because she can’t answer a single question from another country’s leaders.

The calling of Heads of State from other countries will be let loose in the foulest of fashion because they upset her warped, nasty, gobby outlook on life…..if she is the best they have…😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣🤣😅🤣…oh dear. It would be see funny to see her up against Donald Trump…the top of her head would blow.

Sir Bendalot needs to give up and so do Labour as they are a spent force…..

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