Starmer and the idiotic wokedom…

It seems Sir Keir Kneelalot has waded into the row regarding Rosie Duffield, MP for Canterbury, where she upset a minority who did the usual things….use threats to the point she felt unsafe at the party conference.

Labour are following in that fine tradition of threatening and bullying those who speak differently from them….(I mean look at the deputy thug in charge with her nasty mouth)… know the ones who are on this planet and not in a wokeasphere like them.

Ms Duffield shocked the nation because a Labour MP actually stated that only women have a cervix.

Well that comment set off the usual woketards and fascists on the left who stated people…not women…people have cervixs.

You only have to ask yourself did these illiterate morons actually read any books other than how to be permanently offended for idiots book??

Women….women, women, women, women, women and women have a cervix. Not a man who transitions to female but those actually born female and these woketards need to actually get that through their very thick skulls, or go back to human biology classes as it didn’t sink in in the first place.

As for Sir Kneelalot…he has stop pandering to the tiny majority and realise that people are actually fed up with this and that woke is so yesterday….yawn yawn….

Do something for the first time your life Keir….defend women but then again he would have to grow a spine first.

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