Absolutely disgusted at the treatment of this young man.

A young man who gained employment with Sony based at Currys PC World was subjected to most vilest of abuse.

Terrelle Graham, 26, from Bradley Stoke, Gloucestershire, claimed he was subjected to racist abuse from staff while he was working for Sony at Currys PC World in Bristol. He was asked had he put his fingers in the socket, or was he planning on being Afroman and even at one point told to brush his hair…by his co-workers …..he was asked had he ever heard the song “Cause I got high” and asked to sing it…..

This is outrageous and vile….

Terrelle Graham (pictured), 26, from Bradley Stoke, south Gloucestershire, claimed he was subject to racist abuse from his colleagues while he was working at Currys PC World in Bristol
Terrelle Graham

I personally like his hair and if you have such great hair then show it off. It must of been ok for his employers when he was given the job, so what sort of nasty backward person thinks it is ok to say otherwise.

We all look different…and that is what makes us who we are and long may it continue.

Shocking video footage captured the moment that the former Sony contractor was told that his hair looked like he had put his finger in an 'electrical socket'
In the clip, his colleague asks whether Mr Graham plans to get his hair 'combed' or if he is 'going for the Afro look on purpose'
In a follow-up video where another man allegedly racially abuses him (above), Mr Graham claimed he had been subject to racist abuse three times after being at work for just two hours

Mr Graham said he worked for Sony between October 2019 and September 2021 at Currys PC World and John Lewis, having been moved from the electronics store after raising concerns of racism.  He claimed he has been let go from his assignment by Sony after being told they could not find a store for him to work at, while the employees involved remain at Currys PC World.

Here’s an idea for those companies who have a diverse workforce….first of all…. ….

The hairstyle of their co-worker is absolutely nothing to do with any individual. I am struggling to understand why it was even brought up. After all he was not a health and safety risk and handling no equipment that would have required it being under a hat…so whose business is it??

Get to know the person and don’t judge based on their looks. I have known some of the most conservative dressers to be the most judgemental and lets face it…none of us are perfect and get over yourselves if you think you are.

All such acts of racism should lead to an instant dismissal and certainly not put the victim out of work.

Lastly, judge a person based on their work ethics and how they conduct themselves in work as it is quite often these people are the glue that holds any company together, and if you let one racist off without so much as a telling off it will embolden them and that is wrong.

I personally like his hair and think he looks fab…much better than my boring flat, short grey hair.

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