The Tory Party has hit a low they cannot escape from….

Do you know I never once felt ashamed to have voted Conservative, until now. They have voted to suspend the triple lock for this year, due to what they say would have been an unfair increase. Unfair to who? The pensioners on the old rate of £139.60 or the new rate of £179.60?. Instead ofContinue reading “The Tory Party has hit a low they cannot escape from….”

The beauty of nature….

A female European Honey Buzzard Bird was fitted with a satellite tracking system in Finland recently. This was of particular interest to locals because it spent the most recent austral summer around the town of Reitz in the Free State in South Africa. She left Reitz to start heading north on 20 April and onContinue reading “The beauty of nature….”

We can learn a lot from nature. ….

The lighter penguin is an elderly female whose partner died this year. The darker one is a younger male who lost his partner two years ago. Biologists have followed them as they meet every night to comfort each other. They stand for hours together watching the lights. Photographer Tobias Visuals captured this image of twoContinue reading “We can learn a lot from nature. ….”