Listen to the Judge…

She is not wrong….however its not the USA who are guilty of murdering 10 innocent people, including 7 children but its the Biden/Harris Administration who murdered in cold blood those most innocent of innocent.

Where is President Biden and where is his apologetic statement? When we will see those responsible brought up before a court of law?

Where is the uptodate information of how many Americans, SIVs and Afghans at peril are still left behind???? What is the terrorist alert state???

Questions, questions, urgent questions and where are the supposed leaders of the Free World????

Yep…you guessed it….he is on holiday and Harris has been on permanent holiday since being given the Vice-president position to keep the tick boxers happy….

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3 thoughts on “Listen to the Judge…

  1. harris was busy flipping the coin for the opening coin toss for her alma mater on saturday. this took higher priority over 14,000+ illegal aliens flooding our southern border, or anything else she has been appointed “czar” of.


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