Seems the poundland Napoleon has chucked a tantrum in France….

And withdrawn the French Ambassadors from both America and Australia, well we don’t want to be left out….take the Ambassador to Great Britain too, it seems only fair….why should we put up with him?

Macron…this Poundland Napoleon is chucking a tantrum because of the nuclear submarine pact signed by the big 3. He states that this is unfair, but what he didn’t tell you is that the French have not even begun to build the submarines.

Just because he is on a go slow and France is burning because of his disastrous handling of just about everything,  doesn’t mean the rest of the world can wait till dummy spitting Macron actually wealds some power in France and gets the workforce to actually do something, and Australia cannot afford to wait….after all the Chinese aren’t.

I don’t blame France nor the French people. I love France and my paternal family background is Normandy French, and during WW2 the French Resistance was second to none in terms of bravery, but until you actually get someone in charge who doesn’t need a dummy then you will get nothing done, and that is such a shame as France is better than this.

When Macron has gone the French people who are beautiful people by the way, will find their place in the world and push forward but until then….with Macron the baby in charge….nothing will get done as lets face it, his only agenda is for a huge taxpayers funded job in the EU Parliament, and the rest can go to blazes.

France you deserve more and you deserve better.

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