Will the Government shake up work…..

In a short answer NO……

Boris is just simply moving the deckchairs around on the Titanic so to speak.

As a former Conservative voter this is really hard for me to write as I always believed in the Conservative party but what a bunch of wet drips we have in. Boris thinks he can clown around rather than take responsibility, and by the way how bad is the Labour Leader Sir Keir Bendalot….he cannot even score points on this Government, and they are bad…..but he is even worse. It seems that the reality is there are no decent political parties to vote for anymore.

BoJo makes a clown of himself once again | Vox Political

In fact I think this sums up both major parties to be honest.

Boris has left Ms Priti Patel in post despite the fact that we are 18 months in with this Governments tenure and she has failed. We have more immigrants coming not less and we are now being invaded on a daily basis….and what does she do? Just talk a lot with no actual action plan. Oh no sorry I was wrong on that….her action plan is to take them all in and put them up in a 4 star hotel with 3 meals a day, money provided and allowed to wander about as and when they wish. Yep…that is really protecting the streets.

Promoting Liz Truss as Foreign Secretary is going to be one to watch. She seemed to have some success around the world but will now being in High Office restrict what she does? Getting rid of Dominic Raab was a good move but giving him the Justice Portfolio will be a disaster. He cannot get anything right so why give him something that is so important to people?

Top British Trade Negotiator Doesn't Expect to Reach US-UK Trade Deal in  the Short Run

I would have made him Chief Cook and Bottle Washer but no way would he be a Justice Minister and Deputy Prime Minister…god give me strength. It is like Dumb and Dumber taking the roles up.

Dumb and Dumber - Cinespia | Hollywood Forever Cemetery & Movie Palace Film  Screenings
The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister….

The Chancellor is still there despite him ripping off the pensioners and ripping off the poorest in society. Hope he can enjoy his new half a million pound gym etc whilst forcing others into a heat or eat scenario this winter.

Nadine Dorries has been promoted to Culture Secretary and immediately upset one Ms Anna Soubry….you remember her!! 3 parties in 3 months and flip flopping all over the place. Smacks of jealousy….but her comments make for a good laugh even if not taken seriously … commenting Ms Dorries was not good enough to carry a bag…. note to Ms Soubry…the Secretary of State now has someone to carry her bag for her….and you are still not an MP….so result!!

There has been the usual movement of people in and people out but of the 4 great offices of state, 2 are held by women which is a good thing but what you have to ask yourself is….are they any good?

Todate, the lack lustre of anything by this Government is disappointing. The problem is because there is no decent opposition and all Boris has to do is get his own party to comply and we get things through, but in terms of actually doing something good….they are not using this to their advantage.

Another day and we will still have the number of illegal immigrants tipping up on the shores, we have still left people in Afghanistan who shouldn’t be there, the pensioners are still worse off and so are the poorest in our nation, the NHS is now saying they are 10 years behind on operations….(not sure how that works out with only 1 year lockdown), you cannot get a GP appointment, Dental appointments are hard to come by, schools are still over crowded, there are still too many homeless people on the streets especially veterans (time to tell the illegal immigrants to go home and house the homeless), and we still have the woke leftists trying to tell us what to think and do….(not for me…I ignore them), but in general and now they are trying to WOKE up the military.

The whole thing is going to hell in a handbasket instead of the PM using the power he has to actually vote through good policies, and lets not get started on the threat of a new lockdown…

The whole thing has gone so very wrong for the Government and people like me are left shaking our heads as to what are they actually doing right. It is also a worrying that the current bunch of dead-weights we have in Parliament now won’t be worth the 5 minute effort it takes me to go to the voting booth, and I am under no illusion that an awful lot of people will think the same way.

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