The death of this hero is Britain’s shame….

An Afghan sniper trained by the British military known as Noor was executed in front of his wife and young family in Afghanistan this week.

Noor, former sniper with Afghan elite unit who worked alongside UK Special Forces

The fact that we did not get this fine young man and his family out is an outrage. He came to our aid when we needed it so where was his aid when he needed it?

Guess the then Foreign Secretary was too busy on his sunbed to even think about the murders going on because like the Americans, we left some good people behind. Good people who were on our side and then we left them…..this is not who we are. We do not leave good people behind and I just do not recognise the wimpish Government we have today. Margaret Thatcher and even Labour Prime Ministers before her would not have left people behind but then in the era I grew up in….their medals showing proudly at remembrance showed their bravery, and I might have disagreed with their policies but never with their heroism. We do not have politicians today, we have show boaters and it is killing people.

The murder prompted shock and anger from members of the British military, with former Colonel Ash Alexander-Cooper, OBE, a commander of specialist operations with the SAS, tweeting: ‘For those leaders still unsure, this is not a game, ‘N’ was executed by the Taliban in cold blood just a few hours ago. His crime ? Years of loyal and professional service, mentored by British units.

What did his years of loyal and professional service get him?? Murdered. Why was this brave man and his family not amongst the first evacuated? He had done more than anybody to earn his right to live in this country, and we left him. What on earth were his thoughts when he realised he had been abandoned by the very people that he served with. That is so shameful. Instead of doing the role he got paid for and held high office for…Dominic Raab was too busy topping up his suntan to actually care about such brave men. He is a total embarrassment. This is his responsibility front and centre.

Noor was shot in front of his wife and 5 children, the youngest of which is only days old. They will now grow up without their brave honourable father and we are to blame for that.

I don’t care what it takes or how much it costs….get his wife and family out of that hell hole. The service and death of her husband has given her the right to demand this. She will be suffering untold poverty without her husband there and she needs immediate aid and I don’t give a monkey’s about people saying we cannot send aid to Afghanistan. She deserves it, the children deserve it and the memory of their father deserves it.

I am deeply disgusted that in the badly run evacuation, they took people on board who it seems should not have been there as there are now 100 who have been deemed to have terror connections, and instead we left behind the very people who helped us. Who ran this evacuation?? Coco the Clown as it seems to have been one FUBR after another.

There is now a young wife and 5 children who will be terrified at what life holds for them, and they will have been mentally affected by the death of their beloved father, so come on Boris send in the shush shush boys and get this lady and her children out….or else his service to us would have been a high cost that resulted in nothing for his family and that is totally unacceptable.

His wife and children deserve peace, quiet and to grow up with no fear and no threat….their father earned that right by his service and his death, and for me….he is quite simply a hero. Rest now hero and thank you for my freedom.

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