Time to see ðŸ‘€

Who the real President is of America, as its not the one in front of the cameras…..

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4 thoughts on “Time to see ðŸ‘€

    1. If you read some of my blogs…Obama gives a hint and also the ringing of Clinton. This is just the carry on of Obamas Presidency, so leaving people is their mantra. They did at Benghazi and now Kabul….

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  1. I didn’t like Obama, but I feel like Joe Biden is way worse than Obama. But, Biden does have more disasters like the Cornovirus to use as a weapon of medical tyranny to advance totalitarianism. And he can also blame all his failure on Trump, and every sheep in America eats it up.


    1. People are waking up to how useless Biden is. What’s really worrying is that people are going to cast their votes in California …those who are Republicans and they have been told they have voted. Wholesale fraud. American politics is shocking for the amount of fraud.

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