Instead of playing a fiddle…

Biden went playing golf whilst Afghanistan burned, and where his Administration left hundreds and hundreds of Americans behind to be used as hostages, or murdered for new terrorism videos.

Still at least they should be grateful he didn’t drop a drone on them unlike the poor US Aid worker and 8 innocent children he murdered whilst supposedly fighting back in the botched withdrawal that cost 13 US service personnel their lives.

Wonder when he will stand trial for those murders?

Guess it will be a long wait….but he is following another President who committed countless murders over his 8 year tenure…the one and only despot himself Barak Obama.

Obama played golf all the time whilst murdering thousands of innocent people in Pakistan when dropping drones on them, and he didn’t even stop to think of the terror he was inflicting on children….too busy collecting those millions he left office with to care about the poor people in another country.

Golf must be the new thing with American despotic Presidents…the new Nero…but instead of Rome burning its Afghanistan.

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