Defunding the police….60 shot, 7 killed in Chicago.

This weekend alone.

302 children have been shot at so far and that outnumbers getting Covid for the same age group.

America when are you going to get rid of your useless Mayor in Chicago, and bring in stop and search, jail terms and real jail time, defund the councillors and jail them as aiding and abetting criminal activity, or make them live where these crimes happen?

Why should children bear the brunt of their warped, leftist, criminal aiding, perverted policies where a murderer can get bail…thanks to the Vice President, and where a child is no longer safe on their own streets.

This project of BLM and leftist woke ideology is a failure. It has handsomely benefitted some to the tune of millions, and allowed the criminals to run amok but left parents grieving for their murdered children.

Was it worth it this failed experiment? Fund the police and bring back law and order, or your children will continue to be murdered in their own town.

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