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📆 #OnThisDay, 10th September 1831, during the November Uprising in the Kingdom of Poland against the Russian Empire, General Maciej Rybiński took up the post of Commander-in-Chief, and remained so until 23rd September 1831, when the Insurrectionary Sejm met in Płock, in which he took part. The post of Commander-in-Chief was temporarily entrusted to General Jan Nepomucen Umiński. Rybiński was made Commander-in-Chief for the second time on 24 September, and remained so until 5 October 1831.

📌 He joined the French army in 1805, a year later he became adjutant to Louis Suchet, later Marshal and Couple of France. In 1807 he transferred to the army of the Duchy of Warsaw, became captain of the 6th Infantry Regiment, participated in the Polish-Austrian war of 1809, Napoleon’s Russian campaign of 1812 and the Saxon campaign of 1813, where he fought in the battles of: Smolensk, Mozhaisk and Leipzig. During the last battle of Leipzig he was taken prisoner. Two years later, with the rank of major, he joined the army of the Congress Kingdom. In 1830 he was awarded the Mark of Honour for 20 years’ service.

📌 After the outbreak of the November Uprising on the night of 29/30 November 1830, he commanded first the 1st Line Infantry Regiment, then the Infantry Division. During the November Uprising he fought in the battles of Wawer on February 19/20, 1831, Tykocin and Ostrołęka on May 26, 1831.

📌 After the capture of Warsaw by the Russians in 7th September 1831, he was promoted to the rank of major general. On September 10, 1831 he became commander-in-chief of the uprising.

📌 On 5 October 1831 he crossed the border into Prussia near Jastrzębie with a detachment of 20,000 men. He was interned with the army, the insurrectionary authorities, the last president of the National Government, Bonawentura Niemojowski, members of the Sejm and numerous politicians in the buildings of the Franciscan monastery in Brodnica, where he remained until 12 October.

📌 After the fall of the uprising, he went into exile in Paris, where he died in 1874 and was buried in the Cimetière de Montmartre.

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