Prince Andrew thinks he can run and hide….

Prince Andrew and his ex wife have bolted up to the Queen’s Balmoral Estate to escape from the writ servers and where he is hoping to evade answering questions of alleged rape and sex assault allegations, and not only that but he will be able to appear back before the public in time of the Platinum Jubilee.

Now I know that you are innocent until proven guilty and I am not discussing the allegations but rather the fact that he wants to start appearing before the public. That is a big fat no.

Prince Andrew (left) arrives at Balmoral with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson in the back of a Range Rover

I am not being judge and jury on him with regards to his allegations, but the fact is he hung around a paedophile and ignored advice to stop his relationship. That paedophile happened to be filthy rich so that was the big draw and that makes you want to go and scrub yourself from the dirt of that.

He has flown on the “Lolita” express and been to Epstein’s private island where young girls were paraded for “massages” He spent 4 days with him in New York after Epstein had been convicted and stated that he was too “honourable” to just cancel the friendship over a phone….unlike the rest of us who would have disowned them from day one. He had to stay in a huge building with girls coming and going stating he had nowhere else to stay. HELLO………………..there were any number of places he could stay, and it is the arrogance of the man that will be his undoing.

Andrew chose to stay friends with a man he knew was a paedophile and I am convinced that he thought he could continue the friendship and enjoy the trappings of this man’s extortionate wealth…where it comes from is all under scrutiny. It is all about wealthy people with two sons of the Monarch.

Charles and his right hand man Fawcett with millions to his charity for awards, and Andrew who will cling to any amazingly rich person and who will use the money for his own comforts to the full.

I don’t know whether he is guilty of what he is accused of, but any decent person would have helped in every way possible to get the victims their day in court..mind you any other person does not have the Crown to hide behind, and shame on the Government for not demanding justice for the victims.

All in all it leaves a nasty taste in your mouth as to his dalliances with Epstein the Paedophile and there are questions to answer, but whether he did or didn’t must be left to the Judge and Jury but what cannot happen is that Andrew appear on behalf of the Crown after having dodged a writ.

There is no way the people will put up with this man who thinks he is above the law and that the law is only for the little people to turn up to charity work, military functions and business gatherings. He needs to be told straight that until he has provided the necessary information then he is the artist formerly known as Prince Andrew.

Dodging it does not acquit you and it will show as nothing more than an overly privileged man who has flouted the law and where he has been helped in this by the Crown and the Government. It might be acceptable to the Monarch and this is no damning of The Queen as we forget she is a mother, and this is her son but it will show that there is one rule for them …i.e. there is no rule and another for us. This cover up would not be the sort of thing we the British people will want front and centre as every time Andrew shows up, so would the allegations in the news and telling people how he dodged the writ and the crowds will be brutal and is that really what the Queens wants in the twilight years of her reign?

She has two children who can be relied upon to do a great job. Edward and Anne and both are happily married and will do more than their fair share of meet and greet, so use your greatest assets…Edward and Sophie, Anne and Tim Lawrence, William and Catherine and yes even Camilla. The jury is out on the Prince of Wales and this nasty business of selling awards, although no doubt his right hand man will fall on his sword as it will be expected. Again, another Royal who will be seen to duck the law.

If we get Andrew, we get his ex wife and she took money from the paedophile Epstein and called it an error of judgement. Fergie has been an error of judgement from day one and if you knowingly take money from a man who cavorts with young women then I don’t want to see her or him at any official function. It says the wrong thing about the Royal family.

So, no he won’t be welcome to any future public appearance as he has questions to answer and the whole thing is so just murky and nasty that I and no doubt many others do not want to see this pompous, puffed up arrogant male representing my country.

He is finished and he needs to accept that…him and his wife.

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