Do not rely on us to get you out….says the American State Departments own website.

Make your own contingency plans to get out of Afghanistan and do not rely on America. That is the Department of States message on its own website. Never has so many been abandoned so quickly and it is a crime. The Administration should all go to jail for failing to support their own citizens. HowContinue reading “Do not rely on us to get you out….says the American State Departments own website.”

How the oldest residence in the City of London was discovered…..

On 8 September 1915, the most destructive air raid on London of the First World War took place. Zeppelin L13 dropped the largest bomb yet dropped on London. It fell on Bartholomew’s Close. The 660lb bomb caused an enormous amount of damage. But it revealed this: The gatehouse of St Bartholomew’s Church. A Tudor buildingContinue reading “How the oldest residence in the City of London was discovered…..”

The last written words of Sir Walter Raleigh….

On 29 October 1618 the great explorer and adventurer Sir Walter Raleigh was beheaded on the orders of King James I of England. Famous for being one of the first to popularize tobacco brought back from his American adventures, Raleigh left a small bag of the stuff in his cell with the words “It wasContinue reading “The last written words of Sir Walter Raleigh….”

Why is Hillary Clinton taking calls…

On Afghanistan from World Leaders? Seems one of the puppet masters is fed up of being in the background and decided to show her face. If she is one of them America…you are screwed but it would make sense on the abandoning of citizens, after all she did it in Benghazi. To me there areContinue reading “Why is Hillary Clinton taking calls…”

Google are now brainwashing…

It’s employees and yep you guessed its based on racism. As to bring up someone’s colour is racist, and to say the term white privilege is racist but these nut jobs can’t see the irony. The endless leftist ideology of woke billionaires is boring on crackpot, infact they are crackpot. Tell the homeless veterans, orContinue reading “Google are now brainwashing…”