Check your MPs voting record….we know now MPs lie even in manifestos…..

The vote that has taken place today where the working population including working pensioners have been told to pay more, having been voted through by the Conservatives, got me thinking what are we and where are we at in the political drama, and the sad conclusion is we are nowhere but there is a solution at hand.

We know that the Conservative party were elected because of their Brexit promise which has still not been fulfilled, not really as we are still taking the hated rules of the EU, and where Northern Ireland is still under their grasp. This is not Brexit….so that promise is still undone.

Then we move onto their election manifesto where they promised that there would be no new taxes, as the Conservative party are the ones to trust your pay packet with. So, another manifesto promise……a promise we chose to believe.

Then there was the triple lock which has never really been a fair way of pensioners getting a rise as the increase has been insulting, but again as we prepared to cast our vote…looked at the hate of Corbyn and the Labour Party and firmly rejected it. This gave the Conservative a huge chance and no opposition which is never good.

We rejected every pledge of the Labour Party as it was going to cost more and more, and the Conservatives could be trusted as they are the party of low taxes.

So, the parties put on a performance in the run up to the election, the dramas, the bizarre players on the screen, the never ending stories of promises that would make Hans Christian Anderson blush…but its all pushing and shoving for prime position.

Then the night arrives and the party of low taxes and Brexit were elected…and then it went downhill.

The Conservative Party has now broken 4 manifesto pledges and their pamphlets were that thin, that I think 4 was all that gave.

Take the border and the promise of stopping illegal immigrants, this was was touted as a pledge because the current Home Secretary was fierce with a can do attitude they said. Well what a damp, weak willed, spineless individual she is. 13,000 so far have invaded our shores this year alone, and what is this being tough stance consist of… 4*hotels, 3 Square meals a day, new clothes and money in their pocket. Yeah…way to go Ms Patel.. you made it that tough they are here by there thousands, with many many more coming.

Then we have the Government contract debarkle and this party of supposed low taxes has done nothing more than ingratiate their family, friends and landlords and show them the art of taking from the taxpayers ATM, and gosh there were so many millionaires made from our money. It must of literally been pouring money and what a jolly jape that must of been. The interesting thing is to watch how many Conservatives get high paying jobs with the same people when out of Parliament.

Worse still the breaking of the tax rise….the young and working elderly now have to pay more. Lets not forget the increase in utility bills and council taxes….thats just today…more will come. That did not stop the Conservatives as it wont affect them, as like all MPs they can claim for everything…so what does it matter if the working class pay more…

With the “suspending” of the triple lock. £15.46p per week this Chancellor has now stolen from the pensioners, but they haven’t suspended the other increases…dont forget folks all an MP has to do is hand in a receipt and it’s paid. To an awful lot of elderly people that money was and is needed. Shame on the Chancellor. He is no Robin Hood but more like Sheriff of Nottingham, and its not a huge leap to know when it suits…they will get rid.

This is where we the voters come in, as we have been promised so much and in the end are paying the price for believing politicians. We are told it is a privilege to work for us, yet that privilege costs us a fortune for each MP. Only one winner there…the MP.

Give it another year and we will see the politicians line up to start the long road to the elections, and we will be promised the world and told how wonderful the country is doing, yet we will still see all the prices go up. I think when you become an MP….you leave integrity and honesty in the gutter before entering the Palace of Westminster.

At least we know now that politicians will lie to us to get into power, and their words mean nothing but chit chat to get them into those much sought after green leather seats. Remember that they want to get into power for their benefit, for their monetary gain and for their contacts for getting better paid jobs. It is not about us….it is just their path to riches.

So, rather than go for party loyalty do yourself a favour and look at their voting record. If a Tory has he or she always voted with the Government even if it was obvious not too…..steer clear they are after a cabinet post. If the opposition has voted the same but with their leader, then they are after a cabinet post too if they win. Go for the maverick…not an odious Corbyn type…but one who puts their community first, even knowing it will annoy their party and their boss.

If you can find a maverick like that..then vote for them as they want to be a real MP…..the rest of them check out their expenses invoices, check out who is their office manger, check out the Committees they sit on…20k a committee, check out their tax payer funded holidays disguised as a political sight see….and finally check out how many people are fed up with their lack of doing anything.

We the people are voting people in who are punishing us for their mistakes, whilst they pocket our money handsomely. Maybe now is the time to look beyond the usual bunch and make them sweat and let them know that we know they lie, they cheat and now they have nowhere to hide.

My MP voted for the increase of NI, and has not held the Chancellor to account for robbing the elderly….so now his every vote will be looked into, discussed across the media and if necessary vote him out, as there has to be repercussions for this heartless decision and the Government line won’t wash anymore.

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