When will the Biden/Harris Administration stop lying?

This time the State Department under Blinken are stating that they facilitated the escape of a mother and her 3 children.   Much heraldry from the State Department about how great they are and a look at us…see we get people out…until you see and hear the truth and they did nothing, absolutely nothing.

Cory Mills who helped a family flee the Taliban.

Army combat veteran Cory Mills hit out at the government after rescuing the mother, named Mariam, and her three children by bringing them overland through Afghanistan and into the safety of a neighbouring country.    Mills helped the Texas family flee after they were left behind in Afghanistan when President Joe Biden ordered the withdrawal of all US troops on August 31 and is now furious with the State Department’s attempts to claim they masterminded the rescue.

Mariam and her children – who live northwest of Dallas – had gone to visit her parents in Kabul when the Taliban suddenly overtook the city, and they became trapped.     The family tried to get out of Afghanistan on an emergency evacuation flight, but a member of the Taliban purportedly pointed a pistol at Mariam’s head as the family arrived at the airport during their fourth attempt to flee, leaving them too frightened to try again.    Mills and his private team subsequently stepped in. They helped get Mariam and her family to a safehouse and organized for them to travel on an overland route to reach the border of a neighbouring country and get to safety. (www.dailymail.co.uk)

The Texas-based family – consisting of a mom named Mariam and her three children – finally managed to get out of Afghanistan on Monday with the help of Army combat veteran Cory Mills. The family are pictured with Mill after reaching safety.

The State Department gave the joyous news that they facilitated the escape and met Miriam and her children on the border, when in reality they did nothing, and it was Mr Mills and others who got this brave lady and her children across the border.

Why does this Administration insist on lying and trying to con the public?  The Americans can take the pain if you tell the truth, but Biden and Harris keep lying and lying and people are getting fed up of it.  His popularity has plummeted, and she is MIA but mind you when she does speak it is to laugh insultingly first…so best she stays out of it.

The State Department hijacked this good news to try and lie to the people that they are getting people out, when they really are doing nothing as on Al-Jazeera today the journalists stated that ongoing talks are going on in Doha with the Taliban to get the people out. So, why not be honest with the people and tell them that?  To do nothing more than lie makes this even worse as it shows this Administration in a bad light and this is something they cannot recover from.

What makes it even worse is that Miriam had constantly contacted the State Department to help get her and her family out, and they responded to nothing and just left her.  They abandoned her and her family. 

Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas revealed Monday that Mariam was one of his own constituents from Texas’s 13th district. He took to Twitter to celebrate after she successfully evacuated Afghanistan. Speaking with Fox News he also blasted the State Department.

‘The State Department didn’t do anything for two weeks except put my constituents in danger and leave them stranded,’ he blasted. ‘I know this for a fact because my office has been working around the clock to get our people home with no legitimate support from State. Only after Cory Mills and his team got them into the third country did State offer support by securing tourist visas.

‘Cory and his team are brave patriots. Praise God that American veterans have more resolve than Joe Biden or his State Department.’  Oklahoma conservative Rep. Markwayne Mullin concurred, claiming it was a ‘flat out lie’ that the State Department facilitated the evacuation of Mariam and her family.  

Meanwhile the Biden administration hit a snag in its ‘diplomatic mission’ to rescue other Americans and Afghan allies still stranded after negotiations between the State Department and Taliban officials reportedly broke down over the weekend.   Six private charter planes sent to the city of Mazar-i-Sharif  to evacuate at least 1,000 people have been grounded 260 miles north of Kabul.  Biden and his Administration including Harris has left the people to their fate. 

It states that the planes had gone to pick up 1,000 people, yet Blinken and Biden were stating they had only left a couple of hundred people, even Jen Psaki was stating it.  What is it?  Is a couple of hundred or thousands?  Either way they are constantly lying to the American public and sadly the only way they will find out the truth is when the Taliban grow bored with the American Administration trying to boss them about and start to show videos of the hostages they have.  Including the 31 American children they abandoned.

What you have to realise people in America is that your leaders are lying to you.  They have been lying since they took power, and they will continue to lie to you. 

Wake up America and realise that if they can lie to you about the bravery of others rescuing a mother and her children, what else are they lying to you about. 

Demand an impeachment as he has given comfort, aid and help to the enemy and a terrorist enemy and take note of your own laws:

Article 3, section 3, clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution specifies that the giving of aid and comfort to the enemy is an element in the crime of Treason. Aid and comfort may consist of substantial assistance or the mere attempt to provide some support; actual help or the success of the enterprise is not relevant.

That is your own constitution and Biden, and his Administration are guilty of treason because of giving $85 billion dollars’ worth of aid to the enemy, who will now use it against their own country men and women.

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