This is not war games by China…it’s the start of the invasion and will lead to a global war.

China sends 19 nuclear bombers and fighter jets into Taiwan’s airspace for ‘invasion’ war games in Beijing’s latest show of force, which has been emboldened by the quick exit from Afghanistan by the Americans and their weak, feeble Leader Joe Biden, the Chinese have been showing their might and strength in the South China Seas. 

The China H-6 bomber is a licence-built version of the Russian Tupolev Tu-16 twin-engine jet bomber, which has the capability to drop nuclear bombs. Four H-6 aircraft flew into Taiwan’s ‘air defence identification zone’ on Sunday.
Taiwanese combat aircraft were dispatched to warn away the Chinese aircraft which had flown between the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands and the mainland, while missile systems were deployed to monitor them, the ministry said.

Meanwhile, 10 Chinese made J-16 fighters also invaded the Taiwanese air defence area along with an anti-submarine aircraft in one of the largest military incursions by China into Taiwan’s air defence zone.  The fact that the Chinese are now sending an advanced force to test Taiwan is an ominous start to their invasion.  After all, who will stop them?

Biden won’t interfere as he is too weak and needs a nap every afternoon and with the hasty retreat and leaving behind hundreds of Americans, the Chinese know that they can know start the next phase of their plans and that is the total annexation of Taiwan.

Taiwan’s  air force was scrambled on Sunday to respond to a major Chinese military incursion into their ‘air defence identification zone’ of 19 aircraft which included several nuclear-capable bombers.   Taiwanese authorities have condemned repeated incursions by the Chinese air force over the past year, but the latest Chinese mission was a considerable show of force, the likes of which have not been seen since June 15 when 28 Chinese aircraft breached Taiwanese territory  .The Chinese mission involved 10 J-16 and four Su-30 fighters, as well as four nuclear-capable H-6 bombers and an anti-submarine aircraft according to Taiwan’s Defence Ministry.

Everything the Chinese Communist States does is for a reason, and they want to take Taiwan and there will be nothing that Americans can do.  Our own Government will be very unlikely to win a vote in Parliament to go to war with the Americans, as under Biden they can no longer be trusted to back their partners.  They will not get people helping them on the ground as all they do is turn their backs on them, and their intel on the ground will be poor.

The continued incursion into the Taiwan air space is just testing their response, and the incursion will be on a bigger and bigger scale, and eventually this will be the invasion that we all expect.

I worry for those in Taiwan as the genocide of the Uighurs is only the beginning of what this criminal state can do.  They will banish all freedoms including the freedom of thought, and they will lock up those who disagree with them and murder them as they have done with the Uighurs, and where they will set up concentration camps to deal with those, they deem troublesome.  They will not stop in Taiwan either.

The inroads they are making with bribes into Afghanistan, Africa and all the other places is only to their benefit, and they will strip these countries bare of their minerals and precious mines, and they won’t care one jot whether people are murdered, abused or starved and tribal warfare won’t come into it as they will deal with the most murderous despots who will be happy to oblige by the millions they throw at him or her. 

Involvement with China is at your own peril and there is only ever one winner China, and the rest of the world is irrelevant to them and only their wishes and wants are to be of concern.  I remember a certain Austrian doing that in the 30s, and within the space of a decade he caused a world war, and Xi Jingping is heading the same way, and with a weak America as the use of nuclear bombers is a threat and a clear threat… and yet he knows there is nobody to stop him. Sadly, my own mother predicted that there will be another world war as man’s favourite hobby is killing each other.

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