The Increase in National Insurance Contributions.

Most of the Cabinet and the Prime Minister have now decided to speak as one voice that there is a need for the increase in National Insurance Contributions.  Of course, we had the Labour party doing the rounds blasting it, and of course the Conservatives stating that Labour raised it under Blair and round and round and round.  It seems to be nothing more than you’re to blame…no you’re to blame.  They are like children and need to pack it in.

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The political merry go round.

The news is that the Conservative Governments states that the NHS cannot survive without a cash injection and that the new contributions will pay towards their care when older.  We know that like all the manifesto pledges seem to be lies.  I will call it what it is….just lies.

This will go into a mixing pot of all taxpayer’s money.  After all, we pay extortionate amounts at the petrol pumps and road tax and the roads are in a terrible mess…so where is the money from that?

What the PM is expected to outline!

  • A 1.25 percentage point rise in national insurance rates.
  • Someone on a £30,000 salary would pay an extra £255 a year.
  • Someone on a £50,000 salary would pay an extra £500 a year.
  • In return there would be a limit of around £80,000 on social care costs, although that might not include accommodation.
  • People will not pay for social care when their assets are below £100,000. Currently the threshold is £23,000.  

The Chancellor has now signed off on the increase. That is the end of his political ambitions as if your manifesto can be so easily broken then you are telling lies after lies and the people remember this.

We hear again and again how there has to be cost cuttings savings.  Well having worked in the NHS I can tell you one of the most abused pots of money is stationery.  The outrageous increases some companies put on the cost of a basic pen would make your eyes pop.  I am not talking about the medical equipment as that is a specialist subject but do, they really need as many 100 different sets of gloves?  Come on….

When I worked in the NHS a mere pen could cost as much as £2.00 each.  You can pick up 10 for a £1.00 in the likes of Asda so why do they insist on picking stationery from a pre-approved stationery?  It seems you put NHS on an invoice, and you can write your own percentage increase.  Who in the Government I wonder authorises that, or indeed the civil service?  That would be worth finding out.  My solution would be to let each individual hospital do their own buying of stationery and to do it without using the overpriced guide.  There are plenty of companies out there who will do great deals for the amount that say a hospital would have, so why is this sort of cost cutting not made compulsory.

I also came up with an idea as both a Governor and a hospital patient and that is to keep the virtual appointments, or for those who don’t like computers a telephone one.  I am not talking about the urgent care but for those who have follow up calls.  For instance, I have regular contact with a Pain Management Consultant and he and I talk on the phone and through being comfortable in my own home I have managed to be more open and give more insight into the pain without the stoic oh its ok, and through not having white coat syndrome I have been able to access far more than I thought, and I have not even had to go into hospital more than once.   I have spoken to a considerable number of people who have accessed this and even to consultants who have stated they have managed to see more people.  This would negate the need for a set of rooms to see patients in and can be done by the Doctor and it is all over within 10 minutes.  His consultation uploaded for the secretary and letter within a week.  It is so efficient and a great way ahead.  So, why not do this?  This would keep costs down.  Sadly, it has got not further but I hope that someone picks up the idea  because this would cut costs considerably.

I understand people saying the cost of the National Insurance Contributions is unfair on the young.  We had the same unfair impact on us.  When Labour put up the taxes when in power with Blair I was still working and so was Mr Points of Sue.  They increased it and there was no benefit.  Nothing ringfenced as they say.  It was just another tax on an increasingly burdened population.  I was only in 30s then and we had to pay more.  House prices before that were 15% and the cost of living was going through the roof.  Sound familiar?  Yet no one thought of us young people then.  It seems to be trendy now for some politicians to be concerned about the young and not for those who have had to live the experience they are doing now.

We all know that this increase is nothing more than a band aid over a large wound and it won’t go towards your care.  If you are 20 now, you have a working life of 50 years and you buy your house which considering the average house price now is £225, 000….your children will end up with £86,000 lump sum that they will owe despite you paying an increase in NI, so you are in the same boat as us.  his is simply nothing more than smoke and mirrors from some very wealthy people. Regardless of which party is in power they always screw over the working class.

How are they going to work this?.  Surely there would be something extra on your pay slip where it shows the money you are paying into the NHS extra?  Otherwise, how can you or they guarantee that the money will go to your care?

We all know now that this is purely a tax raise and if the likes of Ian Duncan Smith and Jacob Rees Mogg are unhappy that manifesto pledges are being broken, then it is not for the benefit of the people.  I wonder who will see the benefit of these raises as it certainly won’t be the working people and I wonder how many friends of friends in Parliament, family members of MPs or even pub landlords end up with millions of our money in their pocket because of this increase.

There is always sleaze within any Government and the stench of this will be around for a long time and only those who have friends in high places will benefit, whilst the rest pay.

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