If you are old, then according to Andy Burnham you have not contributed to this country!

The Labour Mayor for Manchester has stated today that he would like to bring in a tax and tax those who are elderly because in his view they have contributed nothing to society.  A tax that will see your loved ones who are grieving at the loss of you dying being charged 10% of their inheritance to pay for the care of others.  By the way that is against those who own a house.  If you are in a council house, then you get yours free unless you have left money then start paying the 10%….but if not then the best solution for the elderly is to give your house and your money drip by drip to your family and demand council accommodation whilst you are still here.  

His comment just smacks of nastiness and is actually bordering on offensive.  It is quite often the elderly who own their own houses and who have saved for a lifetime to be able to live in the homes they own, and where when the time came thought they would have something to gift to their living relatives.  Can you imagine the upset that at the same time as burying your mum, dad or grandparent up pops the Government with a bill for that person dying? It is obscene and let’s not forget that when he was health minister under Labour Government hundreds and hundreds of elderly were dying through neglect.  You would almost think he has a problem with people getting old.  For God sake make sure he doesn’t watch Soylent Green….don’t give him ideas.

He states that this is the best way to pay for care as the elderly have not really contributed to this country.  Well, what about those pensioners who have worked for 50 years?  It was not uncommon to leave school then at 14 or 15 and go straight into a job and start paying tax.  What if they have not touched the NHS or needed the hospital till they got old, what have they been paying for?   What about those veterans who have served this country in a much finer and more patriotic way than he will ever do?  They did it because it was the right thing to do, and not like him for purely self-serving reasons.  What about those World War 2 veterans who are now in the 90s and who during their youth fought for the freedom of this country?  Have they contributed nothing to society?  I would go as far as to say a damn sight more than this odious mayor.

If you look at the Wikipedia page of Mr Burnham, you will see that he has never really had what you would call a real job.  He went straight from university into a researcher role and then further managing to move his tentacles into roles that stay within the taxpayer funded ATM.  There are over 2.5 million people who live in Manchester, and he received 453,000 votes to win the mayor’s race.  That is about 20% of the people voted for him…not a resounding victory is it? 

When I was young the interest rates were 15% and we just had to get on with it as that was the state of finance at the time.  We did not blame our elderly.  We respected ours and that is where this man falls down flat.  He has no respect nor time for the elderly of this world and to dismiss the contribution so easily they have made does in my opinion say more about him than the elderly.

He is typical of a politician who is now setting his sights on the Labour party to become leader.  He is pandering to those who he thinks will vote for him and will say anything to get the vote.  Well, this man forgets that there are people in their 40s now who will be looking at this and saying hang on…I have worked for over 20 years, paid taxes, paid the stamp on my house, all the NI and every other ludicrous bill Governments seem to burden us with, and they will not be happy knowing that they will have to give up 10% of their home.  What about those of us who do not need care?  Why are we forced to pay for those we don’t know?  This is nothing more than a tax on dying and I wouldn’t be surprised if this man brings in a tax for birthing next. 

To tax the dead is obscene.  We already have the Government forcing you to hand over a percentage for care, and of course they say that any care cost will stop at £86,000 so the first £86,000 of your house belongs to the Government in effect.  Great when you live in a £4 million pound house as you will barely notice it but what about those who own a house for £160,000?  That means the Government will want 50% of your home.

This magical pot of gold that Boris Johnson is going to put aside for the extra contributions will never happen, and we all know that and that is where someone like Burnham comes in…the grim reaper of your dying and holding out his hands for your money, your hard-earned money.  Not the easy earned that he has been gifted with…researcher after research, then MP and now mayor.  Always, the tax funded payments and the tax funded pension.  There will be zero contributions by him into his and yet he wants his and yours.

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Burnham’s proposed tax……

Under the Labour Government and that includes Andy Burnham they bankrupt this country and indeed left a note telling the incoming Conservative Government that there was no money left and they were not joking….there was no money left.

This odious man must never be let near the seat of power and must never be allowed to introduce his death tax as this will result in even more loss, hardship and devastation and he needs to make an apology for saying those of us who are older have done nothing for this country.  As a Veteran, and Mr Points of Sue is a Veteran we have done a lot more in the service of this country than he has.  We gave our service willingly and knew the consequences that could happen being soldiers, but this mayor has done nothing that this country can say has been advantage, and the only thing he has done is pick up tax funded payers job that increase each and every step he takes.

He should apologise and then stay quiet….just shush Burnham and say nothing as everything you speak there is an unpleasant odour coming from your words!!!!

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